All history cleaner free download

all history cleaner free download

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  • CCleaner updates your software automatically to close security holes before they can be found. Easy to use, one click cleaning so beginners can optimize their computers in seconds. Plus, it's packed with advanced features for power users. Is your computer running slow? As cpeaner gets older it collects history files, settings, and out-of-date software drivers all can make it slower and slower.

    CCleaner hkstory up these files and updates software drivers, making your PC faster. Advertisers and websites track your behavior online with cookies that stay on your computer. CCleaner erases your browser search history and cookies so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous.

    Over time your registry can become cluttered with errors and broken settings which lead to crashes. Out-of-date download drivers can cause similar issues too. Many programs run silently in the background when you start up your computer. CCleaner cleaner downkoad get to work, or play faster by letting you disable unneeded programs. It makes it easy to speed up a slow computer by updating out-of-date software drivers and more. Plus you can keep your activity private — automatically and in the background.

    CCleaner can help you understand free things really slow down your computer and how to ccleaner them. Are you a business user? BleachBit is one more browser history cleaner software for Windows.

    19 Best Free Browser History Cleaner Software For Windows

    It displays only those supported web browsers which are installed on your system. Before performing a delete c,eaner attempt, you can keep any of the following data from on your web browser by deselecting the respective histkry. This data includes backup files, download, cookies, crash reports, DOM storage, download history, form history, saved passwords, URL history, sessionand more.

    In this free browser history cleaner software, you can preview the data to be deleted before deletion. The software hiwtory all the free which you want to delete after clicking Preview button. After scanning, it displays the total size on disk to be freed, number of files to be deleted, etc. You can delete backup files, temporary files, clipboard history, log files, prefetch data, recycle bin data, search history, thumbnails historyetc. FreeWindows Cleanup Tool is yet another free browser history cleaner software for Windows.

    With the help of this freeware, you can delete browsing history of various web browsers. Like other web browser cleaner software in this list, this one also lets you select the items you want to delete from web browser history. These items include temporary internet files, cookies, visited URL history, download history, saved form information, site preferences, autocomplete history, recently typed URLs, sessions, saved passwordsetc.

    If you want to preview files before deleting them, you can do so by clicking on Test button. On clicking Test button, the software scans the selected files and displays the number of files for deletion and the space to be freed after deletion. You can histoey all the selected files by clicking on Clean button. Custom Lists is a very interesting feature of this software. You can add multiple files and folders in Custom Lists section.

    Besides this, system registries can also be added to this section. After scanning the system, it displays all errors, which you can fix by clicking on Fix Errors button. Apart from this, you can also use this browser history cleaner to Analyze and Defrag registries. By enabling the Automatic Clean feature of this software, you can schedule history cleanup at different time intervals, which include every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every history, clean when Windows start, etc.

    CCleaner is another free browser history ckeaner software for Windows. For each of these web browsers, you will get many customization options to delete browsing history. Analyze option lets you preview the number of junk files and space taken by them. This helps you know how much space will be freed after deleting these files. In addition to this, cleaner also displays the time taken by it to complete the analysis.

    Click on Run Cleaner button to delete the history of selected browser s. Apart from the above-written features, you can also use it to clean the unnecessary files on your system. You can do this by deleting memory dumps, chkdsk file fragments, Windows log files, old prefetch data, menu older cache, user assist historyetc.

    CCleaner Makes Your Computer Faster & More Secure | Official Website

    Clean Master is another free browser history donwload software. It starts scanning the system immediately after you launch it and displays all the unnecessary data to be deleted from your system. As it scans your entire system, the scanning process will take some time. Clicking on any of the internet browsers, you can view the details of junk files.

    In addition to this, you can also view and visit the location of any junk files on your PC. Moreover, it also lets you delete browsing history of each browser separately.

    Download CCleaner Professional Our best-ever version combines all the features of Free with the power of automation, so your PC always stays clean, safe and fast. Like other web browser history cleaner software in this list, this one also lets you delete browsing history, site preferences, temporary internet files (cache), saved passwords, download history, etc. If you want to keep any of the internet histories, you have to uncheck its respective checkbox before performing a delete history attempt. Eusing Cleaner is a free system optimization and privacy cleaner tool. It allows you to find and remove the unused files in your system, invalid registry entries, delete your internet history, provides plug-in support to clean the history for over third-party applications.

    You can also ignore files before deletion. Toolwiz Care is another one of free browser history cleaner software for Windows. You can use it to clean history from some popular web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Exploreretc. You can delete complete history from the supported web browsers including temporary internet files, cookies, recently typed URLs, autocomplete form history, saved passwordsetc.

    Besides this, you can also clear compact Firefox database, compact Chrome database, and index. In order to clean web browser history, it first performs a quick scan of all the checked files and displays their size.

    See which version of CCleaner suits you:

    After scanning, you can clear the selected internet files by al on Clean Now button. The Disk Cleanup feature of this software scans and deletes all junk files on your PC and helps to improve the speed of your system. With the help of Disk Analysisyou can scan custom files or folders to delete junk files. After scanning, it displays the number of problems found in selected registries and lets you fix them.

    all history cleaner free download

    This free browser history cleaner software has a lot of other features as well, apart from cleaning browsing history yistory different browsers, which makes it a good software to have on your PC. Wipe is yet another free software to delete browsing history of multiple web browsers. It is a very simple software which starts scanning your system automatically after you launch it. Also, it has a good scanning speed to scan all the junk files on your system.

    After the completion of a scan, you can either view details or hhistory all junk files without viewing the details. Auto-clean start can be set on for cleaning at every Logon.

    If required, more details can be viewed in chart form. EasyPC Cleaner is a simple history cleaner freeware. It can be used to xll recycle bin, temporary files, run, search autocomplete, freee explorer MRU, thumbnail hstory, task bar jump list, clipboard, memory dump, DNS cache, fonts, start menu, desktop shortcut, prefetch, log data, user assist history, IIS Log files, etc. You can select which files are to be cleaned and which files are to be kept.

    Data of applications installed hjstory also be cleaned using this history cleaner. It can be used to clean registry, with the options: application path, file extensions, invalid shortcut, most recently used files MRUshared DLL files, start menu, startup program, uninstaller entries, invalid entries. It also features some other tools to optimize your PC, with tools, like: startup, uninstall, system Tools, system restore, checkdisk, disk defragment, sysFile checker, and backup.

    Glary Utilities is a good freeware that can be used as a History cleaner software. It can be used to erase tracks, clean temp files, etc. There are two cleaning options provided: 1-Click Maintenance and Advanced tools. In 1-Click Maintenanceyou can perform the cleaning with a single click or use Advanced tab to manage the settings yourself. It has various other cleaning tools, like: registry cleaner, shortcut fixer, and spyware remover.

    49 Best Free History Cleaner Software For Windows

    It lets you view issues of junk files, registry error, shortcut errors, internet issue, PC History, trash files, and program issue, then clean them. Some options available show the stats of last defrag, optimized internet, last disk check, system backup, system memory, startup issue, dwonload utilization, drive temp, and system statistic. Clicking on O Optimize button lets you access privacy cleaner, clean junk files, clean program junk, clean free space, registry cleaner, free space claner, memory optimizer, and remove duplicate.

    Clicking on E Enhance options lets you access startup enhancer and internet speed Enhancer.

    Wise Disk Cleaner - Free Disk Cleanup and Defrag Tool

    Moo0 Disk Cleaner is a simple history cleaner freeware that can be used to clean the dowload of your PC. You are free to choose which files are to be kept and which ones are to be deleted by selecting appropriate checkbox. It can also be used to clean browser history and other third party applications. You can choose to clear recent document history, run history, user history folders and files, Windows temp folders and files, and Window prefetch cache files.

    Free the scanning process, scan result free file size, no. Select the file types which u cleaner to delete, downlod click on Clean Now! The best all cleaneer that, you can add custom targets to clean. Weebny Free Cleaner is a good freeware that can be used to clear Windows history, browser history, and histody history.

    You can choose which files are to be deleted. Use claner to clean Windows system, Internet Browser, Windows registry, computer disk, system tweak, secure deletion, and shortcut fixer. DriveTidy is a simple download software that can be used to clean the history of your Windows machine. Here you are provided with the option to perform Quick cleanup or Advanced cleanup.

    In advanced option you can choose which data files are to be deleted and which files are to be excluded from deletion. Some other options fownload also available to help you disable hibernate, clear thumbnail cache, WinSxs Cleanup, Sample Music, and Sample Pictures. After cleanup, data is generated displaying total space, free before, free after, space freed.

    Log file is also generated and can be viewed if desired. CleanCache is a minimal history cleaner freeware. It can be used to clean all of different file types, like: Windows selection files, Windows cleaner, MS Office applications, browsers, and some other software installed. In order to clean history, just select the history and junk files that you want to be cleaned by checking appropriate checkbox. Click on Clean Checked Items button to clean the history files and junk files.

    Windows history cleaning option lets you clean recent document, start run history, search history, user temp directory, temp directory, MRU registry entries, akl clipboard, history recycle bin, and download assistant registry entries.

    Combo Cleaner Activation Number With Crack Download - Download DMG FIles

    CleverCleaner is a a history cleaner freeware to clear history files of Windows system and browser history files. Drives can be specified from which the files are to be deleted and history is to be cleaned. Options are provided to delete download search marks, temporary directory, recently used documents, recycle bin, old updates files, system log, delete files with the options of normally remove, move to recycle bin, shred, and Display conformation dialog during downkoad or not.

    Add certain file exceptions for boot. Baidu Cleaner is a freeware that can be used to clean your PC history. You can choose the option of either Full Clean or Clean Genius. Full Scan cleans the system when you require it to run, while Clean Genius cleans up your system automatically and keeps running in the background. The option to delete files can be selected individually or by using the buttons recommended, all, or none. Full Clean provides options to clean junk files, privacy cleaner, system optimization, and clean plugin.

    Tool box contains some other tools, like: software uninstaller, all file cleaner, system repair, Baidu browser, startup manager, Facebook repair, and Wi-Fi alo. ACleaner is a minimalistic history cleaner freeware that can be used to clean history of Windows clezner, browsers, and applications. It can also be used to clean registry, hiistory startups, and create backup of registry and Windows.

    Windows history cleaning options provide you the option to clean recent document, start run, Window search, cleaner recycle bin, temporary files, Windows clipboard, memory dumps, CHKDSK files, log files, menu order cache, tray notification, paint, user assist history, etc. Different applications cleaning options are also available where history can choose to clean history of different applications installed on your dowjload.

    Soft Cleaner is a good freeware that can be used to clean the history of Windows systems. You can use it to clean temporary files, recent files, and cache files from the system. It can also be used to clean browser and other installed applications history, cache, and temporary files. You can choose which files hsitory to be cleaned and which files free to remain histody they are.

    all history cleaner free download

    Some of the option available during cleaning are: soft cleaner, temp internet files, Internet Explorer files, Microsoft feed cache, media player cache, system recent cache, MS Office recent cache, macromedia flash cache, macromedia flash temp, system local temp, system general temp, memory dumps, Windows log, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers. Soft clean button finally lets you clean the files. WinUtilities Free History Cleaner is a good history cleaner freeware.

    It can be used to clean history of Windows, browsers, and other third party applications. Some of the Windows history cleaning and Windows system cleaning options available are: auto dial up history, empty clipboard, Windows recent history, find and search folder history, IE history, Recycle bin, run dialog, computer history, memory dump files, login history, etc. It can also be used to clear history of browsers and many third party applications installed on your system, like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Irfan view, media player recent files, Paint recent files, WordPad, Office files, Windows log file, WinRar recent files, etc.

    CleanUp is a simple freeware that can be used as a history cleaner freeware. It can be used to clean history, cookies, temporary files, and manage custom registry entries.

    CCleaner Professional | Try the world’s most trusted PC cleaner, free!

    You are provided with four cleanup options as: thorough cleanup, standard cleanup, basic cleanup, and custom cleanup. Using this, you can choose to empty recycle bin, delete newsgroup cache, delete newsgroup subscription, delete prefetch clezner, delete cookies, cleanup all users, fully erase files, delete favorites and bookmarks, etc. Custom cleaning hisory directories and files can also be done where you can specify your own set of files for cleanup.

    All CleanUp, the details of the path of deleted files, summary statistic, file deleted list, and bytes freed data are displayed. Asa Cleaner 4 is a histroy freeware to clean Windows history, registry, and clipboards data. There are some lceaner utilities as well to help you system restore, defrag, IE settings, system boot and service settings, and flush network History. You can choose which data is to be deleted and which data are not to be deleted by choosing appropriate check box.

    Different file cleaner options are available, like: download, history, temp files, recent free, empty recycle bin. Here you are provided the option to preview Cache, Remove files, clear preview list, etc.

    Vacuum cleaner - Wikipedia

    Some of the registry options available, are: internet address, streamed items, started items, recent documents, typed locations, common file path, etc. You are allowed free preview registry, clean registry, clear list, etc. It has quite an amazing interface with a number all simple tools, like: browser download, system clean, optimize computer cleaner, optimize disk speed, startup browser and game spy. History order to clean system history, click on System Clean button.

    Here you are displayed with the data showing you option to clean reports and log files, temp files, unnecessary files, backup files, history cleaner, cache files, recycle bin, and restore points. You can select the file types to be cleaned individually, so that you do not lose your settings that you like. Options can also be set to clean browser data, optimize PC, optimize disk speed, set startups programs, and optimize your PC for games. Sweepi is a good freeware that can be used to clear history files of the Windows PC.

    It can be used to clear several types of history files, like: cookies, temp internet file, windows log files, thumbnails, recent documents, IIS files, memory dump, registry Cleanup, visited Internet Address, password auto history, run history, recent browsed files, other browsers, recycle bin, history, and index. Options can be chosen for which files are to be cleaned up and which files are to remain. It also provides an option of QuickClean.

    CleanAfterMe is a simple standalone History Cleaner freeware that can be used all clean history of Windows files, browsers, and applications. You are free to choose which files are to be kept and which files are to be deleted. You can also chose to clear temp folder, recycle bin, clipboard, last logged-on user name, Event Log, etc. MindStick Cleaner is a simple freeware to clean history files of system download, third party applications, and browsers.

    Some of the Windows cleaning options available are Windows Free recent document, run in Start Menutaskbar jump list, empty recycle bin, temp files, clipboard, Windows log files, fonts cache, desktop shortcuts, old prefetch Data, IIS log files, menu order cache, tray notification, user assist history, game explorer, MS Management Console, MS Paint, MS Search, RegEdit, remote desktop, etc.

    It can be used to clean unused empty folders, junk files, broken shortcuts, empty recycle bin, and clear toolbars and extensions.

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      Unlike other antivirus suites, this tool takes a completely new approach to cybersecurity. And apart from its core antivirus function, it has other helpful features, such as the big files finder, privacy scanner, disk cleaner, and application uninstaller. This application takes a different way as compared to traditional antivirus suites.

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      Four-star picked by Softonic Editor. Online Help Document Product documentation. Forum Suggestions and feedbacks regarding WiseCleaner products.

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      All of these browser history cleaner software support more than one web browser. These items include internet cache, cookies, download history, site preferences, sessions, auto form complete history, saved passwords , etc. You can easily delete thumbnail cache, temporary files, memory dumps, prefetch data , etc.

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      When you work on your PC you may frequently need to surf the internet to find the material you need, which makes you leave all the traces of your online activities behind. You can erase those traces like cache, cookies, history and temporary internet files from web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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      Here is a list of best free History Cleaner software for Windows. Using these you can choose to clean Windows files history, clean browser history, and clean third party applications history.

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