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download honkai impact 3rd pc

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  • Even know the name of the most powerful female Valkyrie in 3rd history of Gods, as a human being, Captain is really amazing. Let me see what Captain knows about top secret information. Yes, yes, I admit, I don't like the sister Mei make lunch for the captain, I'm not cute like Kiana, no fox ears like Theresa, playing games will occasionally lose to Bronya Ok, okay, there is no such thing as Download Captain, your eyes are staring at Major Himeko!

    Houkai 3rd use Unity as their game engine, in addition the rendering shader is modified to fit with mobile devices. To support PC devices, the team have upgraded to newer engine version A handy program can handle mod files and modify in-game resources including Unity game resources and Wwise audio resources. If you use non-root mode you can't login Google Play or any other logins that require external app.

    Source code: Unity Mod Manager. Houkai Impact 3rd Wiki Explore. Damage calculation Spacetime Deceleration Disables. The World. Adjusted the unlock level of some items. Captains of Lv. Added the equipment recommended for Arena and Abyss to the recommended equipment screen of battlesuits. After the v4. The revamped Starter system contains many Starter's Events that can help new Captains learn the basics and obtain more resources for a head start.

    While [Valkyrie Muster] lasts, accrue Duty to claim Crystals daily, aggregating Crystals over a day period. You can still obtain their drops through Expedition in Dorm. If you signed up before v4. Challenge objective Crystals: Fully reissues the Crystals rewarded by uncompleted challenge objectives. First-time clearing materials: Fully reissues the materials rewarded by clearing uncompleted stages for the first time.

    First-time clearing Stamina: Fully reissues the Impact spent on clearing completed stages for the first time. Total challenge stars rewards: Fully reissues the locked and unclaimed total challenge stars rewards. The weapons, stigmata, outfits, and emblems pertinent to this collab do not count towards your collection achievements.

    Captains that signed up after the v4. The 3-day login event that originally offered it will honkai closed. A rumor that seems to touch a long-buried secret Play to earn the exclusive stigma set [Encompassing Beauty]! What remains is a strange animosity. To where will these wings of reawakening bring them? Fixed an issue where the weapon passive of [Domain of the Void] could not be triggered under certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where she generated Implosion Core upon activating Herrscher Form.

    Optimized her including outfits [Parasol Kaiserin] and [Frigid Empress] stuttering in combat. Fixed an issue where her hit animation would play after casting Ultimate if she was hit before casting Ultimate. Fixed an issue where outfit [Emerald of Alfheim]'s gem did not glow and her model clipped during bridge interactions. Fixed an issue where switching battlesuits and tapping the weapon active at the same time would trigger the DMG boost effect of the weapon passive when [Domain of Sanction] was equipped.

    Honkai Impact 3 PC - Free to Play Action RPG Download

    Fixed an issue where it gained Paralyze Immunity for 10s upon entry. Updated its resistances in its description. Fixed an issue where it could be knocked airborne by [Azure Empyrea] when it was in Superposed state. Fixed an issue where bonkai Collapsed Point detonated by [Azure Empyrea]'s evasion could interrupt its attack. Fixed an issue where a Collapsed Point could be picked up by entities summoned by battlesuits such as Project Bunny.

    Fixed an issue where it could not be hit when knocked airborne by removing the animation of it being knocked airborne and shortened the distance of it being knocked back. Added the function of salvaging prints. You can impxct salvage the prints of equipment spirits and ghosts.

    A Gacha Game Like No Other

    Added Shared Bounty. After joining a team that shares the same task with you as a member, you can choose to consume the shared task to obtain leader-level rewards. Shared Bounty is an experimental feature in v4. Optimized the skill description of Bosses to make their strengths and weaknesses more accessible. Optimized the display of Entente rating. Upon reaching certain Score levels, correspondent rewards and ratings will be unlocked.

    Added the display of equipment forging progress to help Captains decide on what materials honkai collect. Added the function to filter equipment tags. You can now quick-search for what you need to forge based on tags. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards. Added number indicators to the purchase interface of battlesuit fragments, ELF parts, and Augment Cores.

    The numbers of those owned and until next rank are now visible. Dodnload the functions of sorting, filtering, and quick-deleting mails to make organizing mails easier. Optimized honkqi process diwnload selecting materials to enhance equipment. You can now choose the materials to be consumed. Optimized the display of overflowing items by marking them 3rd [Maxed] and overflowing pieces of equipment by marking them as [Inventory full].

    Optimized how overflowing items are processed so the obtainment of impacy items will not be affected by one overflowing item. Optimized the reminders that appear when materials are insufficient for ELF skill upgrades to remind Captains to replenish materials. Optimized the loading screen to download messages that are more relevant to Captains' current level.

    Optimized the display of equipment, expedition, impact, discovery, achievement, and other screens when they are blank. Optimized the collection rating screen to help Captains find groups with collectible rewards instantly. Optimized the trigger mechanism of red dot and "NEW" indicators to make them more context-sensitive. Wish on the first day to choose one homkai [Molotov Cherry], [Fervent Core] x, and Impacr Willpower x and claim it on the next day!

    Houkai 3rd Impact

    To find her missing sister, the Adventurer stepped into her own epic tale. Serverwide event [Honkai Quest] unfolds! Log in for a number of days during the carnival period to claim FREE material option! Following the trails of Fu Hua, Kiana and Bronya have arrived at Mount Taixuan, but the fog of conspiracy has already shrouded the mountain Fixed an issue hoonkai she did not gain temporary invulnerability upon resurrection after the entire team had fallen.

    Fixed an issue where irregular input during the first sequence of Ultimate would cause lmpact animations of the second sequence to glitch. QTE switch-in with Blueberry Blitz exit. Edited the skill description of Ultimate [Counterstrike] to define the length of Time Fracture triggered by Ultimate to be 1. Fixed an issue where the ""no interruption when the shield is shattered by Physical DMG"" effect of her passive skill could not be triggered properly. Fixed an issue where the ""auto-switch to self or teammate before death and heal self or teammate"" effect did not work.

    You can access them by tapping the [Tap to Try] button on the battlesuit profile screen. When a stigma has multiple transmuting methods, you can tap the button to quickly switch between those that are available. Equipment that has reached downooad inventory limit will be marked as [Maxed]. Added stages to 3rd Fringe, Intensive, and Perilous tiers honkai Counter.

    Play any Bounty Mark to receive event imppact [Bounty Coins] during a time-limited event in v4. The weekly obtainment cap is The stages are H hobkai S. During the event period, you can complete download stages of some activities with a single tap. Please follow announcements for details. Replaced the honkao S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Knight Moonbeam], [Celestial Hymn], and [Phoenix].

    Adjusted the shop access requirements. Excluding [Valkyrie Gloria] and SP battlesuits, the fragments of all other A-rank battlesuits can now be requested. Optimized the bonuses of the No. If you reach a top-up milestone after the update, you can honiai the new correspondent bonuses directly. Added the following day login rewards for Captains of Lv. Optimized the display of the view lineup function.

    When viewing the lineups of other Captains, the battlesuits and equipment you do not own will be marked as [Not Owned]. She can summon Disir to reinforce her 3d in battle by landing hits. Fixed an issue where switching to a fallen Valkyrie immediately after she enters with Ultimate Finisher would freeze the game. Adjusted the position of her comm device in story dialog to avoid blocking the third dialog choice.

    Fixed an issue where her dress would glitch in portrait display mode when wearing outfit [Maid of Celestia]. Fixed some battlesuits that were missing skill tags. Fixed an issue where the Vulnerability debuff applied to them by maxed trauma could be overridden by other effects. Void Chela and Impact enemies no longer block the movement of Valkyries after rising into the air with skills.

    Keep challenging to ascend to the higher tier. In Abyss [Superstring Dimension], you gain a varying number of [Trophies] based on your in-group ranking when each cycle is finalized. Your tier in the next cycle is determined by the number of [Trophies] you have acquired in this cycle. Acquire a larger number of [Trophies] when downloaf cycle is finalized to ascend to the higher tier. You will be assigned to either the Lv. By playing 3dd, Memorial Arena, Lockdown Zone, and other activities, you will earn Entente pts that can unlock premium milestone rewards!

    download honkai impact 3rd pc

    Added the new [Tactical Training] activity. Download [Tactical Training] will not lock you out of nor auto-reset the progress of [Standard Co-op Raids]. Extended the finalization period of SS-rank Memorial Arena by 2s this change does not affect your 3rrd score. The [Battlesuit Trials] stages impact Herrscher of Thunder's event [Thunderous Sanction] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to be available permanently. You can still play the stages in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not cleared them in v4.

    Added the above battlesuits and their honkia to the Dorm Supply pool. Added a second confirmation prompt when wishing for already owned stigmata. For detailed rules, please refer to Exchange Uonkai. Increased the weekly purchase limit of [Lightning Empress] Fragments. After unlocking [Lightning Empress], you can purchase additional [Lightning Empress] Cp x3 weekly. Additional fragments are sold for Ancient Willpower x14 each. Shops will display free refreshes first and paid refreshes only after using up free refreshes startingSEP Introduced the reroll cast function.

    You can now spend Wafer Stabilizer to lock 1 affix 3rd rerolling. Introduced the stigma transmute system. You can now craft and transmute the stigmata you need in [Foundry]. When transmuting stigmata, you can spend Mithril to pass down the affixes of the 3rd stigmata. The stigma affix inheritance function is currently limited to the stigma transmute system.

    Temporarily adjusted odwnload ""Select UP Item"" mechanic download the event homkai. Added the second confirmation prompt for rare tasks. You will need to confirm twice to refresh when a rare task has appeared. No more missing rare tasks due to a fat finger! New Battlesuit: Herrscher of Thunder. Her Ultimate summons a rideable dragon to deal both burst and sustained DMG. I'll remove any barrier for you. To bring peace back to the Sea of Quanta, Dr. Tesla embarks on another journey.

    Mei and Durandal step into the unpredictable battle together as the first honkai between the now allied Schicksal and Down,oad Serpent Fixed an issue where impacy QTE when she is in an outfit may revert her avatar to her default look. Fixed an issue where using her Dowmload on standby may not be registered by the stage objective ""Unleash Ultimate 1 time. Fixed an issue where the game may not respond to input after a battlesuit falls when her QTE is used on standby and she is auto-switched out.

    Fixed an issue where the story screen may glitch after using her Ultimate cp triggering story scenes in [Chronicles]. Fixed an issue where the DMG bonuses granted by weapon skills upon use do not apply to all Durandal battlesuits. Ultimate [Emperyan Sunder]: Adjusted its effect from immobilizing enemies for the entire duration of Ultimate to immobilizing doenload at the start of Ultimate for 11s.

    Fixed an issue where her model may glitch after using Ultimate when in default outfit and with hidden fists. Added Paralyze Trauma build-up effect to certain skills: 1. Every hit of her Basic ATK inflicts 0. CD: 8s. This effect does stack. Adjusted the effects of its skill [Gluttony] as follows: Increased pickup impact by 1 meter.

    Every second or attack grants 1 Charge stack. The target being hit after accruing 12 Charge stacks drops candy. Drop CD: 2s. Optimized Memorial Arena's guide system. Tap the [Guide] button next to a Boss to be redirected to the corresponding guide page. If honkai have not cleared these stages in v4.

    Honkai Impact 3 is the next-generation action game developed by miHoYo Shanghai. Honkai 3rd has received many awards, download recommendations and loved . Oct 01,  · Most PC gamers are pretty keen on avoiding adding yet another launcher to their SSD, so it's no surprise that a huge number of people are looking for a Genshin Impact Steam download. The free-to. Honkai Impact 3 for PC is the best PC games download website for fast and easy downloads on your favorite games. Honkai Impact 3 is available for free on PC, along with other PC games like Clash Royale, Subway Surfers, Gardenscapes, and Clash of Clans.

    Added the [Source] button to the equipment info screen. Tap to view the source of the current equipment. Upgraded the shop system by sorting and combining the original shop tabs. The previous general tabs e. Logistics Terminal, Battle Arsenal are now grouped under the new general tabs as sub-tabs. The classification is as follows:. Adjusted the refresh mechanic of Exchange House.

    Now Exchange House auto-refreshes once weekly and can be manually refreshed 6 times for free. Optimized the purchasing process. Now an item info pop-up appears no matter what you are purchasing to brief you on its description, price, quota, quantity owned, and more. You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Uonkai excluding equipment exclusive to v4. Updated the story dialogue played upon a returnee login. Captains who are returnees at the time of the version update are eligible.

    Added the [Enemy Album] to the [Collection] screen in impacy. The first update 3fd include 20 enemies. We will continue impaxt update [Enemy Album] as new versions roll in and one day it honkai cover every enemy. Added a material slider to the battlesuit EXP material selection screen. You can batch select EXP materials by dragging the slider. Added the portrait battlesuit showcase. You can enter this mode honkwi tapping the [Portrait View] button on the Bridge or wardrobe screen to enjoy the beauty of your battlesuits from all impact. The double interactive animations of [Stygian Nymph] in portrait mode require download optimizations so the implementation of these animations has been pushed back to versions later than v4.

    After reaching Top-up Bonus Lv. Captains who have claimed the Lv. Added the [Essentine] system to battlesuit Expansion Supply. When you continue to take Expansion Supply drops after receiving the featured UP S-rank battlesuit, a random number of [Essentine] will replace honjai secondary item of every drop. Accrue a number of [Essentine] to auto-convert it to one fragment or soul of the featured S-rank battlesuit.

    In every round of Expansion Supply, the numbers of Essentine offered by several drops after unlocking the [Essentine] system are multiplied by a certain figure. Pv other words, those drops will offer more Essentine! When the result of multiplying Essentine is not an integer, the number of Essentine you receive will be rounded up. Adjusted the secondary items 3rd by Expansion Supply and Focused Supply drops.

    Added reviving item [Prototype Suscitarin]. It can be obtained from events for free.

    Oct 01,  · Most PC gamers are pretty keen on avoiding adding yet another launcher to their SSD, so it's no surprise that a huge number of people are looking for a Genshin Impact Steam download. The free-to. To Official Site Download game. Honkai Impact 3 Official Site - In this Honkai-corrupted world, the Valkyries, brave girls with Honkai resistance, have been fighting for all that is beautiful in the world. To Official Site Download game. English. 中文(简体). Honkai Impact 3 is the next-generation action game developed by miHoYo Shanghai. Honkai 3rd has received many awards, download recommendations and loved .

    Use [Prototype Suscitarin] when failing a stage to revive knocked out Valkyries. Added a item slider to the [Stamina Replenishment - Items] screen. You can batch select Stamina items quickly by dragging the slider.

    download honkai impact 3rd pc

    Fixed an issue where the colors of Valkyrie avatars did not match their types in [Activity Weekly Report]. Fixed the incorrectly displayed Valkyrie star levels of recommended lineups in [Activity Weekly Report]. Fixed an download where text on the birthday screen may glitch after entering an unusual birth date on Channel servers. New battlesuit: Starlit Astrologos.

    She honkai exceptional burst DMG impact support capacity. Equipment Expansion Supply [Sage's Mentor Supply] that is recommended for her is available concurrently. You can purchase them with [Blank Fragments]. You 3rd purchase them with Asterite or Gold Pin. People fled, for lightning was to strike. Optimized the display of weapon models when she uses Throw against medium, large, and huge enemies.

    Introduced Ultimate Retaliation. Fixed an issue where the SP costs of actives were displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances. Added the event stigma set system. The set bonus of the event stigma set that comprises over 3 pieces can be triggered by equipping 2 or 3 pieces of any different positions. Added the [Event Stigma Set] tab to the Collection system.

    Fixed an issue where its QUA attack counted as multiple hits, allowing players to immediately inflict Collapsed on it by evading repeatedly. Optimized the build-up of Ultimate Evasion gauge in Q-Singularis. Optimized enemy pathing in Adventure Task [Chase]. Added the target lock function to improve the accuracy of player attacks. Adjusted the opening schedule of [Ruins].

    Optimized the finalization algorithm of [Ruins]. You can now collect finalization rewards when [Ruins] is closed. Optimized the info display of the [Ruins] portal. You can now find the status of [Ruins] at the portal. Fixed an issue where players could not exit the skill screen after selecting ""Acquire [Krystalloid]"".

    This reward may appear when accepting Exorcism Tasks. Repositioned the Training Mode portal. You can now find it on the Memorial Arena Boss display screen. Added the [Select Difficulty] feature in Training Mode. You can now choose between 5 difficulties. Removed the restrictions on battlesuits and equipment in Training Mode. You can now dispatch any owned battlesuit with any equipment, including those locked in Boss battles. If you have not completed it in v3.

    You are now prompted to lock any piece of equipment that is acquired for the first time. Battlesuit and equipment boosting screens can now redirect you to corresponding material shops. You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works excluding equipment exclusive to v3. Introduced the [Activity Weekly Report] feature.

    The rules and rewards remain unchanged. Added the [View Details] button to redirect players to a corresponding in-game segment when answering a question. Optimized the battlesuit recommendation system to display the recommended equipment and ELFs of recommended lineups. Optimized the display of tags so relevant tags will appear next to the main skill icons on the skill overview screen.

    Honkai Impact 3rd | Houkai Impact 3rd Wiki | Fandom

    Optimized how tags function on the battlesuit screen. You can now select tag icons to view their descriptions and the skill relevancy of the current battlesuit. Introduced the split download feature. Now the system will auto-split the entire package when updating to allow players to continue playing by only downloading the necessary resources.

    The remaining resources can be downloaded separately on the Download Resources screen. Being attacked while defending procs [Retaliation] that nullifies incoming hits and returns DMG. Some fled, while some held fast; Some remained faithful, while some betrayed. What would their choices be when calamity befell them once more? Can the Captain, who honkai thousands of years to the past, bend the future of a war-torn world?

    The latest traces led them back to Nagazora, where the 3rd Eruption broke out. Ai-chan strongly recommends updating your iPhone to iOS Skill [Impetus Gloria]: Changed its skill description into "at least Resolve" to align with its actual effects. Fixed an issue where some inputs might cancel her Ultimate moves. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching and attacking after Ultimate.

    Her passive skill [Raven Mark] now freezes enemies. Harvesting the 3rd stack of Raven Mark inflicts Freeze for 2s. Passive skill [Particle Fusion]: Changed its description into "single shots and multi-shots of cannon-type weapons deal more Crit DMG" to align with its actual effects. Optimized the register mechanism of their Ultimates so they will no longer be canceled by evasions upon release.

    Fixed an issue where the 2nd sequence of weapon active may be canceled out by impact inputs. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching, using Ultimate and attacking after the 2nd sequence of weapon active. Fixed an issue where switching immediately after using weapon active may lead to canceled attacks and other graphical glitches. Fixed an issue where it may release its active indefinitely when 3rd CD of its active was greatly reduced. Throw will no longer be proc'd when enemies out of the Throw Counter range are performing special moves.

    Fixed an issue where Valkyries equipping it may experience repeated SP regen during Ultimate Evasion. Added a [Quick Select] function. If duplicates exist, then the one with the highest rarity and level will be auto-saved. Fixed an issue where the numbers of used materials are displayed incorrectly when choosing materials. Fixed an issue where tapping equipped stigmata download the stigma forging bar redirected Captains to the weapon tab.

    The first available task in every cycle now has a chance to be other than [Resource Gathering]. The rewards of Mecha Defense and gathering prior to the update are obtained by playing [Honkai Weekly Trivia] weekly in v3. Clearing 20F now yields all rewards. The numbers of [Relic Keys] rewarded by different floors impact clearing checkpoint floors remain unchanged. Added new unlockable Talent Slots that can be upgraded with Krystallum and Regulators. Adjusted the buffs of Talent Slots.

    Added download function to replay base dialogues. Captains can now replay past dialogues that took place in the base by accessing [Base - Collection]. Added the feature of selecting rewards. The contents of impact bundles are divided between [Basic Download and [Optional Contents]. When purchasing these bundles, you can select an item from [Optional Contents] to be given with [Basic Contents].

    When a PRI-able weapon has not reached the max level Lv. Optimized Co-op Level. Now high-level Captains can accept the invites of low-level Captains to play low-level Co-op stages in Assist mode. 3rd the [View] and [Copy] functions. Captains can now view and copy the preset lineups of others download World, Armada and Private Chat. Added the honkai function. Optimized the [Stamina Replenishment] system. A new Stamina Replenishment screen that integrates the 3 Stamina sources that are Dorm, Stamina items and Crystal purchase will appear when Captains wish to replenish Stamina.

    Optimized the display of bonus drops induced by deploying certain Valkyries. Your [remaining drop counts before receiving the drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit] in Expansion Impact and EXPA Select will both be retained and the smaller one will be applied first. The girls who have overcome long sufferings are on the brink of adulthood, yet they have not ceased fighting for the beautiful world they love.

    The brave yet inexperienced haxxor Durandal assumes the mission at the tipping point: does she have what it takes to crush the insidious Snakes? The 3rd of Schicksal's strongest Valkyrie announces the end remains uncertain. Skill [Hungering Wraith]: Increased the Zakti regen of Rakshamaru's 1st sequence on hit from 8 to 12 per 0. Adjusted the trigger condition of its passive skill [Yang]. The wielder will no longer be blocked by enemy models when using its active skill [Champion of Danu].

    Fixed an issue where unlocking the skill [Final Judgment] granted the effect of skill [Raging Wrath] and vice versa. Adjusted the boss roster of Beginner tier. Introduced a new task type [Resource Gathering] that is completed by performing gathering a number of times in Open World. The first acceptable task is set to be of the [Resource Gathering] type. The original activity rewards are provided by event missions in v3. Added the feature to mark equipment as favorite.

    Favorite equipment is always displayed at the forefront on a tab. Added the feature to quick purchase tasks and a portal honkai leads to the Salvaging Prints system on the main screen. Introduced the new [Theater] partition. You must complete the Theater containing the prerequisite honkai to unlock the following stages. Completing a Theater for the first time yields [Theater completion rewards] 3rd the total volume of stage drops and [Theater completion rewards] remains the same as that before the adjustments.

    Optimized the rules of matchmaking. You are now matched into teams that have made similar progress based on your overall Theater progress. Added the feature for Team Leaders to skip the results screen and immediately enter the next stage with their team after a Co-op stage ends. Optimized the sorting of friends eligible for co-op play. Friends who are online are displayed at the top of the list.

    Update Log - Official Honkai Impact 3 Wiki

    Added the feature to personalize Armada recruitment messages. You can now send personalized recruitment invitations in Chat. Optimized Armada recruitment procedures. You can now turn on [Armada Recruitment Notice] and [Inactive Member Notice] on the member list screen to recruit members timely for an active Armada. Added the display of ELF skills on the team select screen.

    If a chosen ELFs possesses skills impact have good synergy with the current battlesuit lineup, the skills will be visible on the team select screen. Her interactions and events have also been download. You will not be able to participate in the future [Valkyrie Muster]. If 3rd have already completed it in v3. Expansion Equipment Supply that offers recommended equipment will also be available concurrently.

    What secrets do the intriguing characters that they encounter harbor? Ultimate immobilizes enemies and deals Fire DMG. When Basic ATKs hit, the Zakti recovered by the 3rd and 4th sequences is increased to 60 and 70 respectively. Fixed an issue where tapping the weapon skill button after taking a hit made her use Basic ATKs instead of weapon honkai. Buttons now reappear 3rd energy consumption upon Ultimate usage.

    Adjusted the number of tags impact battlesuits. Now only the primary tags which are no more than 3 for each battlesuit are displayed. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Argent Knight]. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Jizo Mitama]. Changes the download floor boss to [Parvati]. Added a new boss duo of [Lava Emperor] and [Frost Emperor]. Adjusted honkai enemy placement on the 16th and 19th floors.

    Now the16th floor is occupied by [Soul Link] enemies and the 19th floor is occupied by [Elite Mobs] enemies. Reduced the HP of enemies on the 19th floor. Adjusted the reset requirements of stages that drop Advanced Skill Materials. Captains can now use [Planeroid] x6 to reset stage attempts. Picasso B Fragments and Zhangheng M Fragments can still be used to craft corresponding stigmata in v3.

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    1. Lisa Hammons:

      The Honkai was created alongside civilization, and creatures known as the "Honkai beasts", deadwalkers, as well as a paranormal humanoid - The Herrscher - were born within it. To fight the Honkai invasion, mankind created an organization, called the Schicksal. This organization was assembled by mankind as a means of resistance against the Honkai.

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      But when that time comes, will the starry sky be enough for you? Complete certain missions and challenges to earn tokens used for purchasing [Haxxor Bunny] Fragment x60, Twilight Paladin's outfit [Verdant Sky], and Crystals in the event shop!

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      For centuries, mankind fought against the might of the Honkai — sentient beings bound on the destruction of humans. As the Honkai grows stronger than ever before, their 3rd impact on Earth could be our certain extinction.

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