Why is my apple music not letting me download

why is my apple music not letting me download

I have been unable to listen to Apple Music this whole time. I am caught in a never-ending loop where it keeps sending me back to the verify download patch for pc subscription through Verizon page. I have searched the internet exhaustive for a solution and have found nothing that will work. I have signed in and out of iCloud numerous times. I have posted in the Verizon forums and no one acknowledges the question.
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  • 1. Check if you sign in with the Apple ID you used for joining Apple Music Family Plan
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  • Search for it again, and then re-add it to your library. That would also initiate an automatic download of the album or track. To ensure that the item is downloaded, switch to the Library tab within the Music app, and then tap Downloaded Music. The Music app is tightly integrated into iOS. Usually, lteting latest releases carry a ton of bug fixes that might help resolve this issue.

    To do that, open the Settings app, tap General, and then tap Software Update. If any new updates are available, download and install them. Those songs will show up as soon as you reinstall the app. S tep 2: Select Music, and then tap Offload App on the subsequent screen. Tap Offload App again to confirm. S tep 3: Restart your iPhone. Next, tap the Music app icon on the Home screen. That should prompt iOS to reinstall the app.

    Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to over 90 million songs. Its great features include the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline, lyrics in real time, listening across all your favorite devices, new music personalized just for . Feb 01,  · Question: Q: Why won’t my Apple Music let me download More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not. May 18,  · Why Won't My iPhone Let Me Download Apps? If you are searching answers for "why won't my iPhone let me download apps", just check the possible reasons for it now. Apple ID issues: the apps in your iPhone will get downloaded only if you are signed in with your own Apple ID. This issue might occur if incorrect Apple ID is used in the App Store.

    After that, check if the issue still persists. To do that, you must reset the network settings on your iPhone.

    How to Fix Apple Music Family Plan Not Working

    However, this musci will cause your iPhone to forget all previously appe Wi-Fi networks and passwords, Bluetooth devices, and VPN settings. Yes, the cellular settings are also reset. However, they are reapplied automatically after the reset procedure. After resetting the network settings on your iPhone, either reconnect to any available hotspots or enable cellular data and check if Apple Music can download any albums or tracks without issues.

    Turning off iCloud Music Libraryand then switching it back on is another viable fix that can help resolve issues with stuck Apple Music downloads. Which means that you will have to re-download everything again from scratch.

    why is my apple music not letting me download

    Only do this if the fixes above failed to work. Step 1: On the Settings app, tap Music. Next, turn off the toggle next to iCloud Music Library. On iOS 13 and later, this option is labeled as 'Sync Library. Step 2: Restart your iPhone. After that, revisit the screen above, and then re-enabled iCloud Music Library. Afterward, confirm if downloads are working again. That's about it for Apple Music on the iPhone. Next, we take care of the Android version of Apple Music. Apple Music on Android is downright terrible.

    Jan 13,  · 1. On an iPhone X or later, or an iPad with iOS 12 or later, or iPadOS: From the Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause slightly in the middle of the screen. On an iPhone 8 or earlier: Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps, including Music app.. 2. Swipe left or right to find Music app and swipe up on the Music’s preview to close it. Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to over 90 million songs. Its great features include the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline, lyrics in real time, listening across all your favorite devices, new music personalized just for . May 04,  · Why Downloaded Songs not Showing on Apple Music. First, let’s discuss why this issue happens on your iPhone/iPad. The primary reason can be signing out of the Apple ID. When a user signs out, the offline tracks get removed from the downloaded folder. The solution is to sign-in and then download your tracks once again.

    To make things worse, it often fails to download songs for offline listening as well. The fixes for the Android version is mostly the same as on iOS, except for a few. On Android, force-quitting Apple Music once every while can work wonders at resolving issues with stuck downloads. Bring up the app switcher by tapping the Overview icon on the navigation bar. To force-quit Apple Music, either swipe the app card to the left or the right, or tap the 'X'-shaped symbol if available.

    Afterward, relaunch the app, and then try downloading a track. They had me looking on family members phones to see if my Apple ID was somehow listed on their accounts and it wasn't, but I was thinking about that and I went into my contacts and noticed that had double contacts for 1 of my family members. It was at the very bottom of the contact info. I looked everywhere to see how to "unlink" it but I wasn't successful, so I just decided to delete the contact.

    After that, something just told me to go check and see if my subscription would verify and it verified my subscription immediately and the problem was resolved! I hope this helps someone else with the same issue. I haven't found this solution listed anywhere that I looked and it took over 2 months to figure this out! View solution in original post.

    Are you using the regular SIM on your phone not esim? I can tell by your name that you're a music lover like I am, so I can certainly understand the concern if you're caught in a loop while trying to register for the Apple Music offer.

    why is my apple music not letting me download

    We don't want this to be exhausting for you any longer, so let's get this corrected ASAP for you so you can take advantage of this awesome nott First and foremost, what plan are you currently on with us? Are you the Account Owner or Manager of the account we're trying to activate it on? Have you already gone through and canceled your Apple Music subscription through Apple? If you want to take advantage of your included subscription of Apple Music, cancel your current subscription through Apple Music via Settings.

    This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!! I am using a regular Sim card. I got my iPhone XS Max on the first day they were released and the eSim was not yet ready at that time.

    Why Won't My Music Download on Apple Music? 3 Ways to Fix

    Thank you for your aople I really need help with this! I did have Apple music previously and I cancelled that subscription. Additionally, i also withdrew from my "family" subscription through Apple and signed into the App Store and iTunes with my personal and individual iCloud ID. I'm not sure if I am the account owner or just a manager, but I think Lettingg the owner. I receive the Account Bill in my name. I am permitted to make changes to the account.

    There are 2 other phones on my account and each device is independently enrolled.

    Correct Answer: Apple Music Subscription through Verizon won't ver - Verizon Community

    The other 2 phones are having no problem at all. Previously before removing myself from the "Family Sharing" account, we would receive a message that "it looks like you are listening on another device". But, now it will not acknowledge my subscription through Verizon asking me to continuously either sign up for Apple Music or "Joined through Verizon? Verify your Account". And to reiterate again, the very first thing I did was cancel my previous subscription through Apple Music. I appreciate all the information and the steps that you have taken, Muzicluvr3.

    1. Check if you sign in with the Apple ID you used for joining Apple Music Family Plan

    When it comes to adding the promotion, you would have to be an Account Owner or Account Manager. Below are the steps to aplle the Apple Music promotion from your computer. Visit www. Roll mouse over My Plans letting Services 3. Select the line you want to enroll in the free Apple Music trial, accept the Terms and Conditions, select confirm. Repeat for each eligible line you would like to enroll. Each line will get a text message with a link to the Apple Music App if downloaded, or the App Store if not 7.

    At that point, the Account Owner would need dhy add you as an Account Manager. I have checked and I lettiing indeed the account owner. Despite this, I am still stuck in the endless "Joined through Verizon? Verify your line" loop that results in me getting nowhere and no ability to use my Apple Music Subscription. I was thinking of getting the Verizon Apple Music promotion that is free for 6 months and 9. I have 4 lines on this plan.

    I have not taken advantage of this promotion as outside of Verizon the Apple Music Family plan is only Why would Verizon not offer the Family plan after the 6 months? Does anyone knows? Accessibility Resource Center Skip to main content.

    How to Import Apple Music to Rekordbox

    Personal Business. Shop Shop Shop Close. Shop all. If you do everything right but Apple Music Family Sharing not showing up, then try below fixes one by one. If you have created more than one Apple ID, the first thing you should try to fix Apple Music not sharing with family members is to check if you use the same Apple ID as you used for joining Apple Qpple Family Plan to set up Family Sharing and add your family members.

    On the interface, you can see the Apple ID information that you use on the particular device. Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner, then select "System Preferences" and click on "iCloud". Now, you can check the details of your Apple ID. If the ID is not the one that you use for purchasing Apple Music subscription, then log out and log in with the correct ID.

    If not, then enable the option. Though you don't know why Apple Music Family membership not working exactly, you can always try to sign out of your account and then log back into your account. On Mac, open iTunes, click on "Account" on the menu bar and select "Sign Out" from the list, then click on "Account" again and select "Sign in" to sign in with your account again.

    Now, check whether your family members can get access to Apple Music with their account, if not, then try below fixes. If you can't share Apple Music with some of your family members, then your problem might be caused by an error occurring when you add them to your Apple Music Nit Plan, therefore, try to remove them and add them to your Family Plan again.

    Step 2: Select the family member who has the problem of Apple Music Family membership not working and tap "Remove" icon. For some family members who still enjoy Apple Music whh, it's normal that Apple Music Family Plan not working happens to them.

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