Free download of watermark software

free download of watermark software

We use cookies to improve the services we offer you. By continuing to browse this site, you consent to keep them in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Edited by Jason Parnell-Brookes. Protecting your photographs from plagiarism and outright cyber thieves is imperative when using your images online. A great option for safeguarding your work is to use your own signature or logo laid on top of your images to make it more difficult for the cyber pirates to steal. This is called watermarking. Watermarks are designed to deter thieves but not detract from the photograph so most users opt for a transparent graphic to make them appear near-invisible.
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  • In this free watermarking software, you can create all kinds of watermarks, including text, software, 3D, and edit them. You can also free your images via metadata. This software offers plenty of effects, borders, and crosses for you to choose from, as well as ready-made fonts. Verdict: Mass Watermark is multifunctional software. Using it, you can edit, design, and distribute image content. Before you add a photography watermarkyou will have the possibility to optimize photos by adjusting their quality settings.

    In this free watermark software, you can save files with watermarks in a ZIP archive, which will make it easier for you to share them. Besides, you also have the possibility to share your images on Picasa or Flickr. Watermark Alamoon Watermark, you can do it fast and effortlessly. Besides, you can choose the color, level of transparency, size, and placement of your watermarks. If you are an amateur, you will get detailed instructions during the whole process.

    Verdict: Motionbox. By using this tool, you can subtitle your video, add watermarks to media content, select videos and images in high resolution to optimize your workflow. Many big and small companies choose Motionbox. You just need to upload content and click on the button. With a great variety of animated text options, Motionbox. You can use videos and images in premium quality from Unsplash and Pexels, collaborate with other team members, get regular updates, exchange ideas, and fix any issue.

    With Motionbox. Besides, you can customize your footage by cropping it, adding animated text, and automatic subtitles. Users can choose one of three subscription plans. The price depends on the number of videos you can produce per download and the amount of storage. Verdict: Water Marquee is a free online watermarking service, using which you can add watermarks to your photos and perform their basic editing.

    free download of watermark software

    You can create text and logo watermarks or use one of the wqtermark photography logo templates. After this, you will be able to change the size, placement, and level of background transparency of your watermarks. This service will be ideal for you if you want to add watermarks fast and without effort. Verdict: JACo Watermark is a free open-source software for adding watermarks to images fast and effortlessly. This free watermark software provides additional variants for creating watermarks, such as a box for typing text, a set of fonts, a dropdown menu for selecting the size of the font, etc.

    When you add text to a watermark, you will be able to change its format, size, style, shadows, frames, and wtermark. Then you can save the result and download the photos on your computer. Speedy photo editing Offers batch watermarking Plenty of formats supported Preview option can be changed Not found. Star Watremark. You watermarj create 3D watermarks Offers batch processing Different text fonts Adjustable settings Placements for watermarks on photos are limited.

    ArcLab Watermark Studio.

    Top 14 Best Free Watermark Software

    Pre-made samples Supports custom watermarks Supports multiple file formats Conversion function Complicated management list. Flexible Cloud connected Easy to use Batch processing Confusing interface. Easy Watermark Studio Lite. TSR Watermark Image. Mass Watermark. Alamoon Watermark. Use them to watermark images with a unique copyright signature. Visual Watermark software allows you to use every font installed on your system.

    Should you want to use your own font, simply install it on your computer and it will appear in our app. As an additional safety measure we recommend our customers not to publish high resolution photos online. Visual Watermark allows you to resize photos and prepare them for publishing online.

    Download Watermark Software for Windows -

    If you're wondering how to resize your photos without watermarking them, dowlnoad our image resizer app. There are artificial intelligence algorithms that can analyze and automatically remove watermarks. This is possible when the watermark is semi-transparent and is used to watermak hundreds of images. Visual Watermark software makes your watermark more robust.

    How is that possible? Our app slightly changes your watermark template for every picture you copyright. The watermarking tool adds unique watermarks that artificial intelligence algorithms struggle to remove completely. More about automated watermark removal.

    Free Download for Mac Runs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion or newer. Works on Big Sur. Compatible with Intel and Apple processors. Mobile App. If you want to download Visual Watermark for Video, click here. By downloading and using Visual Watermark, you agree to End-User License Agreement. Visual Watermark is very easy to install and start using. Download Star Watermark for Windows, which is a free watermark software for Windows PC, it is easy and best freeware to watermark pictures,images,photos for Windows. Star Watermark Image, Video and PDF watermark tools on Windows and macOS. Download Watermark Software. Win Watermark Software v Win Watermark Software is a professional image watermarking software. It adds text or image or logo that no one can remove, protecting your photos from unauthorized distribution. Watermark Software v Watermark Software is an all-side watermark software, allowing image watermark.

    Visual Watermark synchronizes watermark templates between all team members. When one of your team members makes a template, it's sent to all other members.

    14 Best Free Watermark Software in

    Your watermark will always look consistent no matter who placed it. Our app synchronizes watermark templates only. Your photos always stay on your computer and never sent over network. Synchronization between mobile and desktop apps is coming soon. Our app includes an interactive on-boarding guide so that you can start batch watermarking photos quickly. It guides you through the app's interface suggesting what feature to use next. Here you can find a complete step-by-step guide on how to watermark photos and why it's important: How To Watermark Photos.

    Try Visual Watermark for free for 30 days. Click the Download button below to begin downloading the batch watermark software. There are no registration, no payment, no ads, no malware, no tricks up our sleeve.

    Watermark Photos For Free - Image Watermark Software. How to make and add | Visual Watermark

    However, any photos you protect will oc a "Trial Version" text added onto them. Paid version comes with full day money-back guarantee. If you don't like paid version for any reason, we will refund your purchase. Watermarked images are saved in RGB color space. The app auto-rotates images based on its Orientation tag value. Add name, company and brand text to images. Make a watermark with all fonts, installed in your system. Ships with up to font families depends on the app edition.

    Supports normal, italic, bold and bold italic font styles. Our watermark software allows you to change size and position using visual drag-n-drop editor. Watermark photos using your company logo.

    5 Best Free Watermark Software in | Watermark Makers

    If your logo file has an opaque background, you can warermark it using Visual Watermark. Batch watermark a group of images at once. Simply drag all images you need to copyright into Visual Watermark. Our app will watermark images at once. Modern computers have 2 or more processor cores and can complete several tasks at once. Our tool watermarks images using all processor cores for even better performance.

    Download App For Photos | Visual Watermark

    Visual Watermark supports full-res and cropped images in the same batch. Auto-Size feature changes watermark size for smaller and bigger images. You can turn this option on and off on the Output Settings screen. Use our watermarking tool to add your copyright metadata to photos. Attaches contact details to your pictures. Your customers will be able to read the copyright record from a downloaded photo with Preview app on Mac, or File Details screen on Windows.

    Use this feature to produce low-res images for publishing online. Gives different filenames to processed files. Use it to give meaningful names to files ready for sending to a client. Visual Watermark for Mac accepts dragging files from iPhoto. Select and drag images into the app window. This will select images for watermarking. Visual Watermark can randomize watermarks to ensure they cannot be removed by automated image watermark removal algorithms.

    Professional Version

    Visual Watermark comes with 60 built-in logos and fonts. Use them to design your own unique watermark. Includes 66 effects combinations.

    free download of watermark software

    All of them respect transparency, tile and rotation settings. You can apply effects to both company logos and text watermarks. Use shadow and background effects to make the watermark look good on both dark and light backgrounds in the same batch. A semi-transparent background or shadow adds necessary contrast around the text and logos. Visual Watermark supports levels of transparency: from opaque to completely transparent.

    Use this feature to make your watermark less obtrusive at expense of some durability. Check our guide that shows how to find the right combination of transparency and protection. Enable this feature on the second screen. Tile Span option controls space between tile repetitions. Repeated watermarks look their best if slightly rotated. You can number your images using Visual Watermark.

    Click Add text watermark button, click Add Symbol button on the right and select Number menu item. This will include image number as a part of your watermark. Add Symbol menu allows you to add filename, date the picture was taken and total number of images as well. Visual Watermark will place the watermark into the same position for all images in the batch.

    If some images need a custom watermark position, you can adjust it using Preview dialog.

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